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Sea Salt - Red

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Red Sea Salt for your bath or as a mineral salt on food. 


Red sea salt.

Hawaii red sea salt is harvested from evaporated sea water. Hawaiian Alaea red sea salt is a natural sea salt product from Hawaii that contains numerous healthy minerals.

What are the benefits of Hawaiian red alaea sea salt?

1. Natural occurring minerals and electrolytes
Hawaiian red alaea salt is said to compose up to 80 different naturally occurring minerals, including potassium and magnesium, which are typically stripped from processed table salts. These nutrients help regulate blood pressure and keep bones strong.

2. Cosmetic benefits
The nutrients of red alaea salt, often found in facial masks and salt scrubs, can be absorbed through the skin to eliminate toxins and promote a smooth, healthy complexion.

3. Lower in sodium content
One serving of alaea salt has approximately one-fifth less sodium chloride than an equal portion of table salt.

4. Rich in iron oxide
Small amounts of harvested red alaea enrich the sea salt with iron oxide, adding to it a source of digestible dietary iron. This is beneficial given the traditionally lower immune function, decreased energy, and lack of focus associated with low levels of iron oxide.

5. It’s smooth, rich flavor
Hawaiian red alaea salt has a distinct, robust flavor, which makes it a valued ingredient in cooking. While most salts lose intensity as they cook, Hawaiian sea salts retain their bold qualities throughout the cooking process. The stronger flavor also allows the consumer to use the salt more moderately and get an equally satisfying taste

Sea Salt - Red


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