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Raw Kale Salad

Have you ever made a Raw Kale Salad!! I made one for dinner last night and it was so good I thought why not make another one today. So instead of just writing it down to share with you, I thought I would just show you how. 

If you’re like me, I use all my senses to cook. Smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight! I can remember how to make a dish again, if I watch someone make it. This is how I learned to cook from my Mom, by listening, watching, tasting, smelling, etc… I do use recipes sometimes, but I don’t normally follow them to the letter, lol. I always let my senses guide me. 

I love this salad and you can make it in so many ways, depending on what spices you feel like that day…. Be creative and use those senses…


Watch the video here! 

Raw Kale Salad


Chopped Kale - the amount is up to you 

Olive Oil - can use hemp, or avocado oil

Seasonings - to your liking (garlic, garlic & pepper, herb & garlic, cayenne, etc…)

Avocado (if you don’t like avocado, omit it and just use oil or mayonnaise)




1.) Wash and chop kale. 

2.) Add oil, seasoning, avocado to the kale.

3.) Start massaging everything together. The longer you massage it the better it will be. Once it is blended to your liking, it is ready to eat!


Note: I don’t measure any of the ingredients it is all done by sight, touch, taste, etc…

Note: Add grated cheeses if you like for a different flavor!

Note: To make Kale Chips I break the kale up into bite size pieces and follow the recipe above (I massage the kale leaves approximately 8-10 minutes), and then dehydrate the chips until dry and crispy! 


Please leave comments and let me know how you like the salad or if you made kale chips instead. Enjoy! 



Carole Lolley

Ronna, I have not grown or used savory cabbage for a raw salad before, but it sounds delicious. I will definitely give it a try sometime. Thanks, Carole


Have you also grown Savoy cabbage. Those two together are a great “Winter” salad base. Add chopped apples, pecans, walnuts, fresh chopped turnips, raisin, etc. Anything you like. Yummy!

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