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Much of the traditional organic knowledge of our ancestors has lain unused by most of us until now...

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Join us as we try to educate ourselves of the truths and methods of growing our food and medicine as our grandmothers did.

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Using the wisdom of our ancestors we can heal our bodies and our land.

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Educating ourselves and taking responsibility for our own health is a big step in the right direction for our well being.

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What we do...

We grow delicious nutrient dense food and medicine using natural farming methods on our farm.
It is not necessarily our job to improve nature, but rather to understand and respect it.

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How we do it....

We use highly effective intensive natural farming techniques regenerating the health of the soil.
What this does, is allow the natural systems fully function. What this means for us is our nutrition and healing needs are being fully met.

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Why we do it...

We do what we do for you, and as a side we benefit ourselves. We strive to use as many native remedies as we possible. This way we can relate to our customers what has been our experience with these plants.

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Who we are...

Carole and Greg, we are a married couple who are passionate about working with natural systems as our ancestors did, to heal our bodies and our land!

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Carole and Greg


Sweet Gum Tree

Here in southern Alabama and really all over the southern US is a tree called the Sweet Gum Tree. It is a large tree that is dispised for its hard spiky balls. These balls are what we are interested in! They are a source of shikimic acid, which is the active ingredient in pharmaceuticals like Tamiflu®.

Our Moringa Collection

Moringa is highly nutritious and incredibly beneficial for your health. It's packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. It can help boost your energy, improve your digestion, and even reduce inflammation. Additionally, it has been shown to contain potential anti-cancer properties, and may help to regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce cholesterol. All in all, Moringa is an amazing superfood that can improve your overall health.


Mayim Farm

Your connection for taking better care of yourself and your family.

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